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Thursday, 26 January 2012

LEGO Minecraft

Slightly off topic, as this is FAR from annoying. This post comes from LegitCheater's blog:

LEGO are now in the process of developing Minecraft sets to be sold worldwide!
“We are now developing a concept that celebrates the best aspects of building with the LEGO system and in Minecraft and we can’t wait to show it to you — but we aren’t ready just yet.” -Lego
Mojang will receive 1% of any profits gathered by the Lego sets bearing its branding, which they plan to give to charity.

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  1. Aside from the 1% take there should be a truck load of money to be had from selling additional copies of the software once Lego puts their might behind it.

  2. Heard about this the other so excited!

  3. This looks so fun!! I'm probably too old for legos but I am totally getting that :)