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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Guest Post - Close The Door!

Here's another guest post from Nahhan:

One thing that really gets on my nerves is when someone walks into a room, walks back out again and leaves the door open when it was closed before they came in. I didn't want the door open so why leave it open? I am in the room and want the door shut (or at the very least, pulled to!)...can't you understand that? I was here first!

Being winter, it's even worse. I'll have the radiator or heater on and the room will be nice and toasty when suddenly...WHOOSH, big draught of cold air comes in and sucks out all the heat I'd spent some much time waiting for!

And don't get me started on dogs, dogs are the worst. They walk in and sit down and then YOU have to close the door behind them. Damn dogs.


  1. +1 follower for the awesome rage comic!

    My little sis is guilty of that in the past for sure!

  2. Closing the door makes too much noise. I just partially close them.

  3. so true :) this happens with me too and I really hate this!

  4. I totally relate with this! I'm in the living room with the heater on and then my boyfriend remembers he has to go to the bathroom and leaves the door open! FUUUUUU indeed!
    As for my dog, same thing. But my dog is young, so he cannot stay at one place, so he starts crying and scratching the door to go to the kitchen or something.
    Overall, I HATE open doors, I don't know why, just hate them.