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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Damm computer

My computer is so slow. Ive had it since summer 2008, and at the time it was really good. I had it custom built with some of the best components on the market at that time. However, over the last 3 and a half years its got progessively worse. I've cleared it out a few times, done complete factory resets but still it's so slow.

Not to mention the battery has a lifespan of 3 minutes....

I'm gonna buy a new one, as I need something GOOD to work on this website on. Should I go MAC or PC?

Watch the video below, and you may consider what im considering:


  1. That comparison is utterly ridiculous, lets say hypothetically each OS was compatible with the other computer.

    that same PC loading that same mac OS would load it in under a second. That same mac trying to load that windows OS? It wouldn't happen.

    What this great debate really comes down to is firstly whether your in the market for an entry level computer or not. an entry level pc is cheaper than an entry level mac, but the prices even out when you get into the high end range, and then its really just a matter of personal preference.

  2. The video made me laugh but yeah it isn't a fair comparison.

  3. Ahahaa I know exactly what you mean :P And that video was hilarious!

  4. PC > MAC always!

  5. It is a fair comparison in the end point of the user..
    with less resources we add the same "machine , a pc" ready.

    The new OS are bloated with unusefull stuff

  6. PC, don't waste your money on a Mac