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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Facebook Tags

I HATE it when people tag YOU in YOUR own pictures?! What's the point in that? They are already on my profile, why would I want them on there twice?


It annoys me when other people tag themselves in their own photos, but then that has nothing to do with me. But still, the whole point of tagging is to see who it is who is actually in the photo...and if you're looking at a photo of someone on their own profile, you dont need a link to who that person is!

If you get what I mean....

Facebook, you should disable own tagging in our photos. Instead of creating that stupid Timeline rubbish


  1. never happend to me, but when they tag themselves it really irritates me, i don't see the point of doing that

  2. But, say you have a group photo of you, or even just a photo with 2 people. To find out if I know somebody who sent me a friend request, I use a mixture of mutual friends and photos and sometimes can't distinguish who is who.

  3. I get annoyed by the same thing too.

  4. I usually tag people in their own pictures, just so they see it twice :D

  5. seriously "getting tagged by people in your own pics" is so annoying...the best part is whenever they do this I remove it again! Well talking about timeline I didn't really liked it at the first place but now I think I am comfortable with it :)