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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Nightmare at work

Well today was a nightmare at work! I've never been so busy!

Let me explain what I do.

I work as a demonstrator for a global music company, and I travel the UK with a mobile concession stand filled with digital pianos, digital drum kits, arranger keyboards ect. Well today it was VERY busy, I had lots and lots of interest in the products (especially the drum kits) and I collected lots of peoples details.
However, as I was talking to people, I was noticing that the headphones were all slowly being unplugged, and the volume sliders were slowly being pushed up until the noise levels were so loud customers were complaining!

So I kept having to run around turning them all down, or asking people to "put on headphones for a better stereo experience..."

When It finally came to 6pm and time for me to leave, I couldn't! I had to stay and do a load of paperwork, which I only managed to half complete before I was kicked out as they were locking up. So tomorrow morning Im going to have to go in early (ON A SUNDAY AS WELL!) and finish off this paperwork.

Argh the stress of a busy day! On a normal day it's quite quiet and relaxing as I spend all day playing the pianos!

Ah well.


  1. ahh shit :/ sounds like pretty hectic day :P surely u get headaches from the drums :s

  2. lol damn on a sunday that sucks mann

  3. Haha Busy days Suck! I bet it's fun working with stuff you like :D

  4. 1- lock volume sliders
    2- lock headphones to instruments
    (you mgith have to isolate the amps or conectors/controls in a box or smomthing)
    3- put up signs "please use headphones at all times" everywhere
    4-get some kind of breaker control over the lines that feed the amps, and just shut them down and kindly ask customers "please use headphones thank you"

    i hope you can apply this and yes paper work sucks =( you shoudl try taking home some.. do it int he bathroom or smth XD

  5. This post is gunna make so many people jealous.....

  6. Not fun man... working overtime (and not being compensated for it) never is

  7. i have to work everyday. that includes sunday. everydayyy stress :D

  8. Well... at least you have a job, that's good. Many people are out there stressing out about finding one, think about that, and how much more it would suck.

  9. I feel your pain, this surely is a stressful job. Not only you're working in sales which is a great pressure itself, but you're also responsible for quite expensive products, not to mention the kind of demanding customers you're dealing with.

  10. That sucks dude, specially on sundays...

  11. Just one of those days I guess man.

  12. that sucks, i hated day where you had to stay late because of an immense work load, hope its few and far between for you.

  13. Oh wow... seems like one of htose bad days.. :(