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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Car Stereo

When I got my new car a few weeks back, I spent a good hour say sorting out the stereo. Adding radio presets for all my favourite channels, setting the equalisation, adjusting the date and time, as well as the date and time format.

Then I turned the engine off and left.

The next morning when I got in my car for work and hit preset 1 for the traffic report, I noticed the stereo had reset back to its factory setting! After searching online I found the manual for it, and it turns out if the stereo is wired incorrectly, then it resets itself each time the power is turned off. So whoever had the car before me must have been a right eejit.

So I tried taking the stereo apart to see if I could rewire it. By this time I had also noticed there was no sound coming out of the rear speakers. I managed to take the front of the stereo off, but it turned out I needed special tools for removing the main unit. Great. so for the last few weeks I've had to manually scan through the radio stations until I find the one I want.

Well, today I took it into the garage and asked them to either rewire it, or just removed the unit so I can do it myself. I hope they can deliver!

If not, Ill have to get my lock picking kit out and try it myself...


  1. haha Oh you and your ways....

    And of course, who doesn't have a lock picking it handy at home! XD

  2. People shouldnt work on things they dont even know how they work....

  3. gutted :( can only imagine how annoying this is :/ id be pretty pissed off if i was u xD

  4. @BlackJack That's silly, its fun as hell to work with things you don't understand! The real issue is letting the next person know what you've done.

  5. Dude that's freaking crazy resets each time. That would drive me crazy.

  6. I wouldn't be able to handle that o.O