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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

IMPORTANT Blog Announcement (Competition!)

RIGHT! Now that I have your attention, I am looking at re branding my blog. I dont particularly like "Another-Annoyance" and would like something more catchier. However, I dont have any ideas yet.

So I thought I would open it up to you, the people who read my blog! I was thinking of running this as a competition, where people can submit their entries, and then I chose the top15 or so and people then have to vote for them! Winner gets....hmmm I dont know yet, I will have to think about that!

So yeh, start posting catchy new titles or puns that could be the new name of Another-Annoyance!

  • Got to be short and sweet. Another-Annoyance is just too long
  • Needs to be catchy
  • Needs to me related to being annoyed/ranting/getting on ones nerves ect
  • Has to be unique, so when people search for it on google it comes up first
  • <entry> needs to be available for it!


  1. nerve central?

    a world of problems?

  2. thedailyrant (or weeklyrant, or bi-monthlyrant or whatever)


    Another Annoyance 2: Electric Bogaloo!