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Monday, 12 September 2011

Injury Lawyers 4 U ect

I'm fed up with the number of Injury Lawyers with their "no win on fee" nonsense and claims companies spamming my TV with their rubbish adverts all the time. I was watching a program about the history of the piano and every ad break there was at least 4 different adverts that try to get you to sue other people. That's about as unrelated from piano history as you can get!

Oh and the other adverts that annoy me on British TV are the whole "we buy your gold for cash" ones or the "send us your mobile and we will give you so much money (not really, we are only going to give you £3.19 for your iphone harharhar)" ones. They annoy me so much!
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Bring back the days of the Hovis adverts, or the Cadbury Dairy Milk ones!


  1. Oh yeah, I TV ads annoyed me a lot. That's one of the reasons I don't watch TV anymore.

  2. Those gold buying ones are annoying as hell!

  3. That sucks, same in the US. Always trying to get people to sue.

  4. Bloodsuckers and predators out there.... Rubbish, that lot.

  5. One of these companies had me drive about 30 miles to see them, only to be told they couldn't do anything for me!

  6. it's the go compare ones that are the worse -_-

  7. Gotta love the ad-free tv here in norway! :D