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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Guest Post - Stuff I Luff

It's time for another guest post! This time from Stuff I Luff (Check them out, it's worth it!).


So I, as many people do, check my Facebook most mornings shortly after I've gotten up. Still, however, I'm unsure why because I'm almost always disappointed. However, today was different... I was quite frankly, pissed off.

When people go out to party, why the fuck do they feel the need to spend ALL NIGHT on their phones updating us about it? If it's such a good party you should either be putting that phone on silent and getting people to call you so that it's vibrate functions can help you get through the 25 girls you've pulled. No god damn way should you be sitting there on Facebook.

The other thing that pisses me off an insane amount is people who feel the need to post that they are "with Charlotte, at Charlotte's house." Why the fuck do you think I'd want to know that? Maybe when I'm a trained sniper and want to blow a hole in your fat ass then yes... that information, admittedly, would be quite handy. But until I've taken a Ninja/Sniping course, I'm not interested. But the thing that really, REALLY annoys me, is when that person, using my example, Charlotte, actually goes to the trouble of getting her phone and even though her friend is at her house, she'll go on Facebook and start commenting/liking that piece of shit status update.

Jeez, I just read through that and realised I thought I'd let you know that I'm not in therapy. This blog isn't some sort of therapeutic tool haha, there's a chilled picture and I'll be sure to find a song later this evening when I get back from work! I'm sure that I'm not the only one that get's annoyed by these kind of things! :D

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  1. Great Post!, So true what he's saying about the fbookers!
    p.s. thanks for the spellcheck :P

  2. yep, i totally agree. that kind of status updates are completely unnecessary... but you can always avoid them by removing permanently that person's statuses from your wall. :p

  3. completely agree with everything said above! it really isnt just you that gets annoyed at this i can assure you :p

  4. yeah.. this is SAD TRUE about FB ... great post :)

    Followed :)

  5. I hear ya on that. If it is sooooo great, then facebook should be the least of your thoughts. Or unless you are that shallow or insecure, you have to post things to make people think you are so popular or great when in the end, you're drunk and having sex with someone you don't know in the end, then post a few weeks later your pregnant and don't know how, when all you have to do is look at your facebook. Hmm Maybe its a reminder thing i guess?

  6. I thought about that Facebook-updating-suring-party thing myself, and I must conclude that it's because some peoples lives are so empty that they need validation to have fun. That's all, folks!

  7. I have to agree with your observation of FB, I am rendered with a similar numbness each time I login.

  8. I think blogs are kind of therapeutic. Like writing a diary it helps to express oneself.