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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

M1 accident emergency lane blocked

This dude is a genius! There is a traffic jam on the M1 and he gets out and starts interviewing the people BLOCKING the emergency access lane (the hard shoulder).
In the comments, the cameraman (gavgav27) posts "
Ok, lets begin with I do indeed make many errors, im not a saint and i was actually breaking the law by walking down the carriageway. I was showing that they have just not considered the consequences of blocking the lane.
And the emergency vehicle didnt get down the hard shoulder with no problem at all... They had to wait at least 4-5 minutes for the cars that were blocking it to filter back into the main carriage way. 4-5 minutes can mean the difference of recovering quickly or becoming a vegetable for life.

What do you think?


  1. Unfortunately this does nothing, it just shows that people don't care for the rules.

  2. Too bad there's amoral people like this.

  3. They should be arrested.

  4. We have rules for a reason! Why do people insist on breaking them?

  5. They should be heavily fined. I don't want them clogging up my jails, but I don't want it to be profitable for people to be this inconsiderate.