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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Amy Winehouse

After the death of singer Amy Winehouse on the 23rd of July, I posted this:
I think its very sad that it takes a "death" for people to "become a fan" in a sense. im sure there were many people who didnt like her, but now decided to run out and buy CDs (or download tracks). I think the best example of this happening was when Michael Jackson Died, and his sales increased dramatically, even more than when lennon or elvis died. Its a shame that we live in a society that cant appreciate good music until something drastic happens and the media push it in our faces.
Now it turns out her album Back To Black is the highest selling album of the decade. The album has shot up to number 1 on iTunes charts in every country. Billboard has reported that the album sold 37,000 copies within 36 hours of her death.

With sales like this, musicians nowadays are worth more dead than alive!


  1. She made a sorry show of herself to the public, I can't really feel any sympathy for people like that....although I do recognize that anyone's death is still a sad thing

  2. its true, once artists passes everyone jumps on them as if they ever cared when they were alive.

  3. she had a really great voice... rip.

  4. Amy Winehouse was a great singer it was so sad the day she died