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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Grammar Rage!

Ok so I just got this comment:
Congradulations! I'm not even close to one myself, but I'm glad to hear your blog is doing well!By ****** on Adsense on 08/08/11
CongraDulations? with a D? Jeez! It's congratulations. Sort it out dude!

oh and another thing is when people refer to a cheque as a check (or even a chek). Most annoying


  1. hahahaha oh wow, that cant even be a typo

  2. Cheques are rarely spelled as such in the states, just as colour is spelled color, et al.

    With Chrome, IE, and Firefox offering IN-BROWSER spell check - it does warrant a bit of rage, no? it's like seeing those red squiggly lines everywhere and choosing to ignore it.

  3. I see a _lot_ of people spelling it congradulations. My girlfriend seems to do it too and it's kind of annoying.

    Regarding cheque, the American spelling is check, so that's not a mistake per se.

  4. Why even blog about this non-sense?