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Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Turkey Was Well & Truely Stuffed

So I am currently VERY annoyed.

My band, (The UK Pink Floyd Tribute Show) were meant to be flying out to Istanbul in Turkey last Friday for a Christmas mini-tour. We all had our bags packed, our VISAs had been sorted, and some of us had even taken out insurance on our health and instruments, when we get an email saying this:

"Hi guys, we decided to wait until the last minute to book your flights from the UK to Turkey in an attempt to save some money. However when we went to book them this morning there were no avaliable seats left on any flights"


As you can imagine, we were not too impressed!

And then to top it off they issued a statement on their website saying that WE cancelled on them because one of us didnt get our passports sorted in time....LIES!

The annoying thing is that because it is out of the UK, the musicians union can't do anything about it, and we cant even demand compensation. We were all down quite a bit of money after the weekend. Our drummer had to book a baby-sitter, and I had to take 4 days unpaid holiday.

Anyway, they have asked to have us at the end of January. We have agreed to go.....but we have increased our fee! Plus they have agreed to pay us 2 weeks before we even leave the country.

So hopefully things are looking up.


  1. That sucks big time, man. I sure hope things are looking up aswel

  2. what a great band =)i love them. follow =)